#Boom:New Single by Sandy Rivera aka Kings Of Tomorrow

New Jersey born house music DJ and producer Sandy Rivera (aka Kings Of Tomorrow) is back in the fold with a release of his latest single ‘Burn So Deep’ under Defected Records. Keeping on his  true ritual ( not dance) once again featured on vocals is the powerful voice of April Morgan, who also appeared on Kings Of Tomorrow’s Fall For You EP released in 2013.

‘Burn So Deep’ is out on 17th August 2015 with two versions, Sandy’s Disco burn mix which has a groovy faster vibe added on with nostalgic classic elements fused with modern jazzy tune which will surely keep any dance floor filled, from Miami to Hong Kong at BPM138.

Kings Of Tommorrow

Another variants Sandy’s Deep Burn mix, this is specifically served to deep house community. Deep Burn mix has an aucostic feeling in a true sense of a deep house song. I can bet my last few dimes, play it at 123 BPM this jam will make your head and body move uncontrollably taking you places you’ve never been, yet those places are around the corner.


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