Gianni Infantino FIFA Election Manifesto

Learn more about Gianni’s vision for FIFA, and the 11 key policies he will fight for as President.
Gianni’s key objective is to put football back to the centre of what FIFA does. Gianni’s vision is based on 3 key pillars – reform; democracy and participation and football development – and informed by 20 years of experience and discussions with football people across the world.


1 Strategy: Create new FIFA Council with increased representation to replace the FIFA Executive Committee as strategic and supervisory body
2 Separation of powers and functions: Establish clearly defined and balanced power structures between the sports-political and day-to-day executive roles – between FIFA Council and FIFA Administration
3 Good governance: Introduce term limits and other governance reforms
4 Transparency: Implement strict and independent control over money flows, including public disclosure of payments to elected FIFA members and top management, as well as a clear and transparent bidding procedure for the FIFA World Cup
5 Independence: Include independent and respected voices on relevant bodies, while also ensuring an appropriate system of checks and balances.

6 Equality: FIFA needs to remain a democracy with one key rule:
1 Member Association = 2 Voices: 1 Voice to Vote and 1 Voice to Speak Out
7 Participation: Consult all Member Associations Presidents extensively in specific strategy meetings to define the priorities of FIFA and its Member Associations
8 Diversity: Reflect the diversity of the FIFA Member Associations in the FIFA Council and the FIFA Administration

9 Solidarity: Expand and increase development programmes with tailor-made projects fitting the specific needs of each Member Association, while ensuring the highest levels of control and compliance
10 Modernity: Make the voices of the players heard on all football matters and start an open debate with all stakeholders on the further use of technology in the game
11 Representation: Increase the number of teams at the World Cup to 40 for greater worldwide representation, as well as more generally increase participation in football at all levels



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