Tokyo Sexwale FIFA dream in tatters

“The executive committee decided that CAF will give full support to Sheikh Salman with his candidacy for FIFA presidency,” CAF first vice-president Suketu Patel said after an executive committee meeting during the African Nations Championship tournament in Kigali.
The content of this particular statement dealt a blow Tokyo Sexwale’s dream of succeeding the Swiss Sepp Blatter at the helm of FIFA. Many people across the African continent were shocked to the core upon hearing of the verdict by CAF not to back one of their won. On the flipside for those in the know and closer to the action, this announcement was neither a surprise nor a shock. It was expected that the African football governing body would plunge their daggers deep into Sexwale’s heart and ultimately dash his ambitions to continue running for the FIFA presidency.

CAF on their website went on to enunciate that in the interest of African football, Tokyo Sexwale has withdrawn from the February 26 vote in Zurich. In a true defying manner the South African tycoon penned down a letter to CAF stating he’s still on mission to be head of FIFA with or without their full backing.

Mr Sexwale insistence of remaining on the ballot paper is putting SAFA in a very uncomfortable situation and is likely to cause further wedge on the already strained relations between Dr Danny Jordan’s men at SAFA house and the Cairo based CAF.
Even though the voting process is executed in a secret ballot, all associations carry the mandates of their respective confederations. Sexwale is clinging on hope that few of the associations would deviate, change their cause on the ballot and vote for him, and surely he will not be able to succeed.

The episode of events would definitely squash off any chances that which were to be available for Mr Sexwale to assume a role within FIFA.
You don’t undermine Mr Issa Hayatou’s rule and get away unscathed.


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