Hasta La Vista Catalonia…


Personally I think Neymar’s move to PSG is as good as done.  Neymar has successfully managed to push through for this move to happen.  In recent time PSG bound Neymar nearly came to blows with Barca new kid Nelson Semedo during an off season training camp in Miami.  Some of the senior player like Mascherano quickly intervened to diffuse the bust up.

Unfortunately for the Catalan fans this fall out signalled their worst fears that Neymar is already at the exit door.  The chain of event will force Barcelona’s hand onto the negotiating table with the French club; however it will not be an easy dialogue.

Barcelona’s higher echelons are surely happy to release him in order to stabilize the dressing room. They can’t afford to keep a player whose playing ambitions firmly lie elsewhere.

PSG backed by Qatar based QSI are prepared to activate a whopping $258m buyout clause, however the transaction might fall on the wrong side of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations.  FFP dictates that PSG must receive a certain amount in transfers’ equivalent to what they willing to spend on Neymar’s potential world record move.  A possible trading on exchange of players both directions maybe looked at as another option, alternatively Neymar can himself pay Barcelona the buy-out clause, bypassing FFP regulations…….Well he wouldn’t be out of pocket for long, as QSI have lined up a mouth-watering $70m contract for him to be an official ambassador of the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The story reminds me of one Mohammed Bin Hammam once said, “ I cannot disappoint the royal highness Emir Of Qatar, what the Emir wants, he will definitely gets”…. Indeed that’s absolutely true, the Emir wanted the tiny oil rich country to host the biggest football tournament (World Cup),  despite objections from various corners of the globe around having the competition in Qatar, due to various issues including amongst others very high hot temperature in summer periods, and of cause its tainted record on human rights violation and abuse.  Qatar still got the nod to be host of the 2022 World cup tournament.

Now the Emir wants Neymar Da Silva Santos Jr……….31st August is a long time, until then every second matter…..tick tock tick tock…..


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