Conversation between cousins Perreira & Santana before Santana joined Bafana Bafana

Perreira : dude stop sitting around and starving in Brazil, there’s a place in Africa with plenty of moola and the football association is a bunch of retards who will pay you whatever you want and believe whatever you say.

Santana: how much are we talking about?

Perreira: around R1.5 mil a month….

Santana: You lie….get out of here! I thought Africa was a third world continent?

Perreira: Yep thats what I thought too, but hey these guys are nut case, they are so gullible its not funny, and they think they are rich..

Santana: you getting me excited now, but how will I get my hands on those riches?

Perreira : mmmmmhhh….. how well do you know soccer cousin? because i was thinkin you can come take my place as a coach of their national team, i miss home now and I’ve had my share already..

Santana: I watch it every now and then.

Perreira: Ahhhh, thats enough.. we can even say you’ve coached a small local team before and I will recommend you cousin…

Santana: man we talking about a national team here, not just any local team!!

Perreira: Dont worry cousin leave all that to me, I told you thats a banana republic.

Santana: But dont you have a contract with them already?

Perreira : So what? I can always say my wife is sick and needs my support..

Santana: oh one last thing…. I just met this woman and I really like her, I just cant leave her..

Perreira: Can she speak English?

Santana: She watches Santa Babra and she said to me this morning “happy morning”

Perreira: Great!!! she can go to SA with you.. we’ll say she’s your interpreter, she can also earn some money from SAFA.

Santana: you kidding me… is this country soo bad?

Perreira: a circus I tell you…

Santana: what if I want to come back home before my contract expires?

Perreira: dont worry you will not stay there for long, no one ever does, the team loses all the time and the public blames the coach…

Santana: so these guys cant even play?

Perreira: come watch this video… you see this weakest link? “Eric Mathoho the gate way” he is the best defender in SA. should I say more?

Santana: hahahahaha… let me go do my visa and passport right away.








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